Why You Should Pay Attention to Politics

I hate Politics.

A lot.

But when someone says that they are politically neutral, that they don’t want to talk politics, it annoys me.  Downright angers me, lately.  Here’s why.

Politics is about power.  Who has it.  Who is trying to get it.  How to oppose or aid them.  And who has what power.

Power, historically, is usually used to do one or more of the following:  steal, imprison, enslave, rape, torture, and kill.  At the moment, we the people are lucky that the majority of our politicians are mostly thieves.

Our founding fathers, understanding what power is typically used for, attempted to give normal folks the ability to limit the power of their rulers and to fight back.

You can change things, or at least help change things.

If you ignore this, you are, in effect, saying that you don’t care if you are stolen from, imprisoned, enslaved, raped, tortured, or killed.

In which case, you probably don’t care if I ignore and belittle you either.  I mean, it’s not theft or rape…


One thought on “Why You Should Pay Attention to Politics

  1. edhartshorn says:

    Very Good.

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