Rescue me!

Not too long ago a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses decided to try and convert me. I was annoyed and irritated – I think the JWs are seriously deluded and wrong – but I didn’t fault them. As far as they believe, I’m Hell bound, and an eternity of suffering is not a happy thing. They are trying to rescue me from a fate worse than death. There are those who call themselves my friends who wouldn’t go that far.

The current idea that we “shouldn’t push our beliefs on others” is nothing more than an ass’s excuse to blame and ridicule people who mean us no harm. Who, in fact, mean us good. I am not here saying that people who hold this very prevalent philosophy are intentionally, deliberately being asses. We’ve been programmed into this point of view, and our programmers are far more culpable than we are.

But we are culpable. We are attacking tolerance in the name of tolerance, diversity in the name of diversity. We devalue the beliefs of people with the best of intentions for no other reason than the refusal to understand their beliefs.

In the name of opposing self-righteous assholes, we’ve become self-righteous assholes. And worse than the ones we oppose: we’ve also accused the humble of arrogance, and we’ve compounded our own arrogance with dishonesty, slander, and hypocrisy.

And excused ourselves from trying to save the ones we “love” from a fate worse than death.


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