Box Openers:

Conversation between Pops and myself.  Followup to Dozer.


Cant post on WordPress from here: So, simplify. Write something for the Google Play market, to run on an Android cell phone. Or the Amazon market to run on the Fire. Make it a simple side scroller. Put the energy into telling the story.

Food for thought:

Back soon!!!


 Side scroller is harder than ‘Dozer by a lot. The suggested mech game at the bottom is also easier than the side-scroller, though the one planned by my company is much, much harder.


 You’re the game programmer. I’m a tech. I’m trying to open your box just a little bit. And I still have a copy of the original ‘Dozer, and I played it a couple of weeks ago.


 Hey, anyone with a box-opener is welcome.

I don’t s’pose you could email ‘Dozer to me…



What happened to your laptop?

The old battery was dying.  So I bought a new battery (and power cord, as I didn’t know what was up), about six months ago.  The new battery died.  The old battery died.  So ALI:CE is tethered until I get yet another battery.

My pet felon’s laptop, of the same breed and purchased a few months after mine also gave up the ghost recently, and I resigned myself to the need for a new machine.

Add to that the fact that the OS is slowed to a crawl, no matter how many times I clean up / check for malware / etc…  when I load a program I’m working on, there’s only half a chance it will move at a reasonable speed.

Anyway, the software end can probably be fixed by reformatting and reinstalling, but Theresa wanted to wait until I got a ‘nother PC in case it went horribly wrong, since the machine is kind of necessary to chasing my dreams.  And a reformat/reinstall is a day project, and I don’t have a day handy just yet.

My thoughts regarding the topic of conversation:

  • I’m not willing to abandon the Mech game until I’ve talked it out with my sidekicks.
  • Telling a story with a game adds a nice order of complexity (for one, it’s tough to do without some sort of in-built scripting language).
  • That does not make this a bad suggestion.  Vox’s suggestion is:

…when I see one successful guy after another crash and burn while trying to shoot directly for the Moon, it makes me want to set up shop as a consultant, telling these people to spend a lot less money, hire a lot fewer people, and directing their focus on making entertaining games and not failing to even release what is supposed to be the next CoD/WoW/AB. [emphasis mine].

  • Thus, entertaining is key.
  • I need to go to bed now.

Followed up by Box Openers Pt. 2.


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