Box Openers Pt. 2:

Followup to Box Openers.

Michael Hopke’s story sounds familiar, since I have about the same number of dudes, though his dudes went to school.  He even used the same laptop I did.

I like using C# and XNA.  In fact, there are two or three reasons why I haven’t started looking to mobile:

  • Nearly every game I want to play uses a gamepad or a keyboard.  Touchscreens don’t offer game concepts I want to make, and if I’m not making games think are good, how the heck am I supposed to convince my customers that they are good?  Which is not to say I will never find something to make for the mobile market.  Just that it is severely limited.
  • Microsoft, for all that people slam them, has worked very hard to make game development for their platforms easy.  Unity also looks like a good bet as an engine, but the “Evil Empire” won my loyalty back with DirectX 7 for Visual Basic, and cemented it with Visual Studio Express.
  • I want to make my company work.  I have a responsibility to be good for my word.

The first reason is the most important.  I am not a proper entrepreneur, who is interested in any dreams that are liable to profit.  I am a dreamer and idealist, who instead must choose which of his dreams can be turned to profit.  The distinction is a fine one, but the fact is:  I have the skills to bottle myself up for a week and start a thriving company within that week.

I just have to be willing to make porn games.

No?  Okay.  Then if I’m going to do it the hard way, I had either better do the things I love, or else take the easy route to more money:  try to work my way up Walmart’s ladder.

Pops’ advice to simplify is the advice me and my peeps need to follow.  But, as you can see from our conversation, simplicity is not always where it appears to be.  A game that looks simple may be quite complex.  A game that looks complex may be very simple.


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