RIP America

The Supreme Court has ruled that it is okay for the federal government to force its citizens to buy a product.  Specifically, in this case, health insurance.  But it could be any product.  Precedent is set.

The response on the various news sites I visit tends towards two flavors:

  1. Oh, no!  America the free is now officially dead!
  2. We will fight this and defeat it.

Give me a break.

Regarding 2.

We’ve been fighting Roe V. Wade for nearly four decades, and haven’t defeated it.  That was the legalization of murdering the defenseless, and is opposed by far more than a majority of Americans.  How do you think the legalization of Taking Your Money is going to be defeated?

Regarding 1.

America has been dead for a long time.

The government gave itself permission to take any gold you own back during the Great Depression.

The government gave child murderers permission to charge for their services a while back.

Reagan, that paragon of Conservativeness, signed into law no-fault divorce, making a marriage certificate a moderately expensive piece of paper that doesn’t actually mean you have to stay with each other.  Which may not sound like freedom, but… you are no longer free to commit, because the other person is allowed to uncommit you for any or no reason.

For a long time, the courts have been ignoring the ‘rights’ of criminals, retro-actively changing the rules (your jail sentence is over.  Except five years later we pass a law saying people who commit your crime have to stay another ten years, and retroactively apply it).  The American people hasn’t lifted one damned finger, because hey!  Those guys deserve it.  And maybe most of them do.  But, hey, not buying health insurance is a crime.

The courts have decided that defending yourself against a police officer for any reason is against the law.  So, the police have the right to steal your stuff and rape your wife.

Hell, our lack of freedom goes back to our founding, when we allowed slavery.

“But Evan,” one might say, “we outlawed slavery.”

Yup.  But Lincoln also outlawed the right to leave the country.  From the first shot of the Civil War onward, America ceased to be a republic and became an empire.

America the Free has been dead for over a hundred and fifty years, and you’re just noticing now?

You can’t fight this law and overturn it.  The system is rotten from the core.  The only way to get freedom back is to fire all the leaders, burn all the laws, and start over.

And revolutions and civil wars suck.  People die.

So here’s my choice:  Do I raise my family under an invisible house arrest, as slaves with chains kept just light enough that most folk won’t notice, or do I raise my family in the middle of a bloody war?

The answer is I don’t actually get to choose.  Fortunately, Obama has accelerated the enslaving of the American populace.  If Romney wins (and he will), he will be skillful enough a slavemaster to slow down the rate of enslavement so that a war doesn’t start, and we get eight years, maybe a decade, of domestic peace.  But then he will hand the reigns to the next Anointed Democrat, and if that one is even halfway as incompetent and impatient as Obama, well…

If I’m lucky, and my children survive the revolution, the only question is:  what sort of country will my grandkids live in?  Will the current regime win and impose a dictatorship?  Will there be a fracture, splitting the country into North Korea and South Korea?  If the rebels win or get their own country, will the country they create actually be free?

Every nation must fall.  This one has already fallen, unnoticed by its citizens.

Fortunately, I am not of this world.  My citizenship is with the one unconquerable city.

Have you been to Keisylon
Or stood within her flower’d hall?
No.  No one has, for nothing’s left
But scattered stones, of form bereft.
All cities but the Last must fall. 


One thought on “RIP America

  1. The Stranger says:

    On the bright side, there is usually a market for entertainers in any day, dark or bright.

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