So what now?

Organic Mecha Hub.

Followup to Dozer and Simplicity and Complexity.

To stay on course for the mech game, we need to break it down.  CM = Complexity Multiplier.  TL = Tedium Level.  RT = Running Total.

My Demo for the Code-off:

  • One character who moves.  Basic Physics (2).  Controls (2).
    CM: 4.  TL: 1.  RT: 4.
  • Camera (1) that can be offset by mouse (2).
    CM: 3. TL: 1.  RT: 7.  First Time:  Add 6.
  •  Jumping using only a plane for collision.
    CM: 2.  TL: 1. RT: 9.  1st Time: Add 4.
  •  Building levels.  Objects (1), Editing (2) Input (1).
    CM: 4.  TL: 2.  RT: 17.
  •  Aiming the character in accordance with movement.
    CM: 2.  TL: 1.  RT: 19.  1st Time:  add 4.
  • Bullets:  Particles (3), Collision (3), controls (1).
    CM: 17.  TL: 3.  RT:  70.  1st Time:  add 18 (for collision).
  • Collision with level.
    CM: 3.  TL: 3.  RT: 79. 

Totals:  Total Time Factor 79.  First Time version: 111.

Factor in Murphy: 118 and 167.

Conversion to time: Roughly 30 hours to make it again from scratch, roughly 42 hours the first time, not counting models.  Sounds about right, since I basically ignored my friends, chores, and wife for a week in order to pull it off.

So the hypothesis back-tests well.  We just need to start front-testing it.

Prediction 1: A Basic Mech Game

Like Zombies, but with 4 players, a top-down view, no zombies (just rival players), no AI, no levels, and three weapons (laser for when running out of ammo, rockets for the high-damage, low-ammo, and a mega-cannon that can only fire once in a great while).  Each time you die, you instantly respawn in a random location with temporary invulnerability.  Matches are 3 minutes long, with a point awarded for each kill, and ties resolved by sudden death (everyone’s HP is set to 1).  Super simple, requires at least 2 to play.

  • Four moving characters(2), up to three of which can be disabled(1) (Press Start to Join)(1)
    CM: 4.  TL: 2.  RT: 8
  •  A base particle class that can be extended into megalasers, rockets, pew-pew lasers, rocket smoke trails, and explosions.
    CM: 8. TL: 1.  RT: 16. 1st: +16.
  •  A base weapon class that can be extended into Megalasers, rocket pods, and pew-pew lasers.
    CM: 8. TL: 1.  RT: 24.  1st: +16.
  • Extended weapons(3) and weapon particles (3).
    CM: 8. TL: 6.  RT: 92.  1st: +144.
  • Collision between mecha (3) and particles (3).
    CM: 8.  TL: 5.  RT: 132.  1st: +40 (just the particles).
  •  Character aiming.
    CM: 2.  TL: 1.  RT: 134.
  • Explosions on collision.
    CM: 4.  TL: 2.  RT: 142.
  • Hitpoints (1) and damage transfer (2), death (1) and respawning (2).
    CM: 6.  TL: 4.  RT: 166.  1st: +16 (just the transfer).
  • Game screen manager.
    CM: 2.  TL: 5.  RT: 176.

Total Time Factor: 176.  Total time for first time:  408.
Factor in Murphy: 264 and 612.
Time taken to make game (with experience): 66 hours.  So, 5 months, plus time for polishing graphics (and making them).
Time taken to make game from scratch, knowing only what I know: 153 hours.  So, a year.
A year.  And then we can sell it for a dollar.
Edit: Derp derpderp derpderpderp derp… 150 hours is ten weeks, not ten months. All of a sudden, I have hope again.

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