The Seed.

Organic Mecha Hub.

…a lot of these ingredients can be used in a lot of different games.  So, let’s pick two or three.

  • You can move.
  • You can shoot.
  • Shots destroy stuff.
  • There is stuff to destroy.

Looks a little bit like ‘Dozer, right?  Good.  I can steal my code from ‘Dozer in places, though I do want to make it different in look and feel.  Those of you who know the full title of the original game will understand why.

Lets expand upon it.  Here’s what we want.

  • Space Invaders or Asteroids.
  • A simple, but original twist to gameplay.  For instance, Radiangames Crossfire, a Space Invaders Clone adds the ability to teleport from top to bottom.
  • Any additional features (there shouldn’t be any) taken from the mech game, so that the next game I make is even closer to the mech game.
  • Everything pared down to its basic minimum.
  • Graphical minimums:  nothing that XNA’s Basiceffect can’t handle (no shadows, no dynamic lights, no post processor effects.  Billboarded particles are November Foxtrot Golf.  No animations besides moving stuff).  So, the setting is open space and the characters are ships.  Or the setting is cyberspace and the characters are cyberships.  Ooh.  I like that.  And I can do sounds for that with audacity.  Sold.
  • You shoot ships exactly like you, only evil (just one model).
  • Everything is made out of boxes.

Organic Mecha Hub.


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