Mostly not sore.

Spent an hour or so on Krav last night, and I’m barely noticing the soreness.  The boffer fights on the camping trip are really paying off in terms of endurance.  In addition to running, jumping, lunging, and swinging all over the place, I was also beaten by so many foam swords it’s not even funny.

The boffers we made were PVC pipe with wood dowel cores and metal bolts for weight, strength, and balance, with two layers of foam:  thick camp pad, followed by soft pipe insulation, wrapped in duct tape.  With the foam off, they were balanced almost perfectly, with the center of balance right on the cross guard (oh yeah… they had cross-guards.  Many thanks to my dad’s making me help with the plumbing), bu the foam moved the balance forward about eight inches, making them awkward as all getup.  Anyway, the point is they were pretty solid, unlike basic pipe boffers used for larping, and you felt each hit, but there were no bruises afterward, and you could shake off the feeling the moment you were no longer being hit.  I took a thrust to the eye.

Next year, better proportions, a bit more weight on the back end, and cloth covers, as the duct tape held up to our enthusiasm with much less aplomb.

Anyway, last night, Krav Maga.  We ran through most of the level two stuff before the shots to my wrists caught up to me (had it bent back a little farther than natural, and had previously been punched in the wrist several times because my parter’s hook punches were forward more than the pads.)  Learning to bob and weave makes you feel like a ninja, especially when you get it into the level two combos.

My uppercuts still suck, and all my punches need infinity work.  But the thing that was the most awesome was how I’m learning to move.

Cutting to my partner’s dead side during defenses is become more and more natural, as is stringing together combos.  My big issue right now is that my instinct is to shove my attacker away once I get behind him instead of going for finishing moves.  That would be fantastic if I were a kid in a public highschool, but it’s not so great for defending my family, where I don’t have the option of running away.

But really, I need to spend more time on the punches.  I don’t hold my fist straight.  It feels weird.  So I always hit my fingers or my wrist instead of my knuckles.

Know what, though?  This is fun, and the endorphin rush is amazing.


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