My art totally does not suck.

Okay, yeah… the following image…

…showing the progress on my game, is not the prettiest thing in the world.  I’m hoping to get it right to the point that it looks good in an abstracty, retro graphics forced into a threedee world way, but the experiment is far from over.

By way of comparison, here is a WIP I had going before ALI:CE died:

Show a 3D work in progress, using Blender.  The work is a ninja-robot that transforms into a star-fighter.  The papery/blocky gray parts are parts I created for proportions, which are gradually replaced by finished parts.  Note the big glaring ones on the ship have already been replaced in the lower picture.

The reason I’m not making characters like this for my Seed game is that it requires programming techniques I do not yet know, which will take all sorts of time and effort to implement.  Implement them I will — but one at a time, in different games.  One day, you may be able to play this ninja starfighter.  Who looks kind of like a penguin.


By way of example, my 2D art is not bad either.  Here’s a cartoony picture of characters based on my nerds (which my Facebook fans will recognize):

And for more realism, I once took this picture (not my work) of Magus, one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite games:

And this picture of Billy Nighy, the actor who plays Victor in Underworld:

And drew this picture of Bill Nighy cast as Magus in a movie version of the game:

So, I will find my stride, before the game is published.

While we are talking 2D art, let me throw a couple of tibits your way:

The middle one is not the best I could have done.  The concept was good, but I wanted to refine it a little more.  Anyway, if you are into modern fantasy, fantasy, or sci fi, and you have a Nook, Kindle, or Nook or Kindle reading app, go to the appropriate website, download the samples of everything he’s written, and then read the samples.

If you like enough to buy (and like most eBooks, they are cheap), then throw up a review, tell your friends, and so forth.  While the middle cover especially is not my best work, he only paid me to do the bottom one, and I wouldn’t have done even that if I didn’t like his stuff.  This is pretty much the Christian Sci Fi/Fantasy as far as I’m concerned.

If enough people buy the books, then he gets to write books for food, and there will be more.  So go check them out.  It doesn’t cost you anything to grab the samples.

My wife got the sample of the bottom-most book and then went and bought it when she got to the end of the sample.

I have not been payed to write this ad.  Though if someone wants to pay me, I accept cash, precious metals, sonic screwdrivers, swords, and Chinese food.


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