Catch your breath before you go…

Notes I want to get down before I bury my brain in another mountain of code:

I want to build a retro-looking box-cover-art-thingy for the game when it’s done.  Like Asteroids, or something, with the ridiculously realistic picture for the very abstract game.

Also, I need a Nerd Posse Studios logo complete with a retro version.
The next game, while being something I can slap together in a week out of parts of Seed and my vast ingenuity, needs to look and feel completely different.  While the NPS crew has specific likes and dislikes that we will focus on as we make more games, which will in turn establish a common feel for our games, those likes and dislikes range from platforming beat-em-ups to point and click adventure games.  If our first two games are abstract space shooters, customers who might like our, say, platform-adventure game might write it off before trying it because “Nerd Posse makes abstract space-shooters.”  An easy way to achieve a different look is a shift to 2D graphics.  The math and physics aren’t effectively any different, so I can re-use the code.  The big question is what genre and what game concept, but those can wait until the game is finished.

The other important things can be summed up with this article, by Zeboyd on making a successful indie company, and this article on finishing games by Derek Yu.  We need to keep the principles of each in mind.

Zeboyd:  “Find help that is complementary.”  Yu “Work alone until you find help that is functional.”

Zeboyd:  “Focus on your strengths.”  Yu: “Choose an idea that you like for a game you want to play that can be made with your resources and skills.”

Zeboyd:  “Begin by doing lots of small games instead of a big one.”  Yu:  “If your project fails, scale down, not up.  Save new ideas for the next game.  Cut out everything you possibly can.”

Zeboyd:  “Focus on what the big publishers are missing.” (Zeboyd does humor-based fast-paced retro JRPGs).  “Improve with each game.”

Yu:  “Start the damn game.”




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