Slow, fat, and happy…

From the magical world of bumper stickers:

Denying equal rights to another group of humans because of your religious beliefs is still called bigotry.

We deny rights to, picking a random example off the top of my head, murderers every day, and while most people do that because of a combination of fear and a nebulous concept of right and wrong that has no  basis beyond cultural osmosis, the fact remains that only religious beliefs provide a logical foundation to this denial.

So, according to this blip, sending murderers to jail is bigotry.

Of course, one thing that calling something “bigotry” or “fill-in-the-blank-ism” or “fill-in-the-blank-phobia” does not do is to prove that said thing is wrong.  To put it in mathematical terms, Name-calling ≠ Refutation.


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