Pendra Progress:

Current Picture:

Aaaand…. go!


  • Set up an engine based on the Seed engine.
  • Added a state-change architecture.
  • Created a test state to handle test graphics and so forth while isolating all the code I will eventually have to delete in one space.
  • Figured out how to attach effects to meshes all by myself.
  • Wrote an effect.
  • Transformed it into a cell-shading effect all by myself.


  • Got specular hits working.
  • Built a point light shader.  BTW, do not use fields with POSITION semantics in a pixel shader.
  • Built the shaders of a light map system:  the normals/depth shader, the light map shader, and the combining pass shader.  Don’t know if they work yet.


  • Discovered my missing function.
  • Implemented my missing function.
  • Snarled at my missing function.
  • Added some functionality to the camera
  • Began work on the pre-renderer.


  • Merf.
  • Prelighting renderer is working… sort of.  The lightmap generator is churning out a black screen, which does me no good.
  • Now it has lights that are all or nothing.  WTF?
  • Isolated bullshit to depth texture.
  • Learned that the problem is my video card doesn’t support floating-point textures.

Record Scratch

Okay.  I need to alter the design to work within the capabilities of the toys I already have.


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