This ‘Just make the mech game’ business is stopping at the starting line.  I try, and try, and it’s not going.  Brain cudgel…

There is nothing that is less complex that I desire to make.  I got through Starfighter X, which has

  • Vague AI
  • Flexible singleton-based particle system
  • Shooting and getting shot.

Mech Game simplified has:

  • Less vague AI.
  • Singleton based particle system.
  • Shooting and getting shot.
  • Background graphics.
  • Choosing between different weapons.

I’m choking at step one.  I have built a good structure made out of re-organized scraps of Starfighter X.  Now I just need to push forward.  Step one:  put mech on screen.  Step two:  make mech able to move.  Shouldn’t be hard.  Did it in two minutes with Starfighter X, and I lost a week gleefully coding shaders.

Maybe it’s the fact that this is [redacted]’s project more than it is mine.  I dunno.  But, remember the last post?  Feelings?  Yeah.  Now I’m stuck on feelings.

But game-making is an intrinsically artistic pursuit.  If there is no vision, there is no starting point.  But Starfighter X wasn’t exactly visionary (except for the vision of just finishing a damned game).  Argh.


If I see this game, which I do not love, through, I will finish the games I do love.  If I do not see this game, which is so simple, through, how can I finish the more complicated games I do love?

Back to work.


Edit:  this is bull.  I’m doing a twinstick.  If I want to headbang through a follow cam instead of a universal 3rd person view, I can do that later.  I need a quick victory pronto.


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