The chauvinist says that men and women are different, therefore men are better than women.  The feminist says that men and women are equal, therefore men and women are the same (except for plumbing).

They share the same hidden premise:  that equality = sameness.  That all differences are differences in value.

This is wrong.  In fact, it’s not even wrong.  Value depends on supply and demand.  The more I need something, and the fewer of that something there is, the more valuable it is.

If there is no God, there is a vast supply of humanity, and no ultimate demand for humanity.  Therefore, we are equally valuable:  we all have a value of zero, regardless of any differences in strength, intelligence, and whatever else.

If there is a God, then we were each crafted and chosen by him for specific good works.  Presumably, since we are each a custom-made tool for specific jobs, we are each ideally suited to accomplish said jobs in the manner God wants them accomplished.  In other words, each human is the sole supply of tools suited for specific demands.  Now, since God can do these tasks himself, and does not need us, it could be argued that our value is still zero, but the very fact of our existence is proof that he wants us.  Demand is a function of wants as much as needs.  So, the value of each of us is certainly incalculable and arguably infinite.  Therefore, we are equally valuable, regardless of differences of race, sex, and whatever else.

Which, in turn, leads us to the final point:  the ultimate value of a human being, since human beings are tools made by God for specific tasks, is a function of how closely that human being conforms to God’s will.

Which, in turn, means that if men and women are truly, fundamentally different; if they were created to be different, equality cannot be found in sameness except in the sense that all garbage is equally worthless.  It can only be found in difference.


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