Ran across a quote that sums my view of politics beautifully:

The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives.  The business of the Progressives is to go on making mistakes.  The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected.

Gilbert Kieth Chesterton.  I love that guy.

Another good quote, this time by blogger Dalrock:

[Traditional Conservatives] act much like a drift sock; they aren’t anchored to a fixed position so they simply act as a drag against whatever the current direction of change is.

That’s basically my view of politics.

Someone once asked me, when I expressed my lack of enthusiasm for either candidate in the current race, and my pondering of how my vote might be most effectively used, what I would rather have.  Libertarianism, with their legalized drugs and pro-abortion policies?

First, the Libertarian party is only slightly more consistent with Libertarianism than the GOP is with rank-and-file Republicans.  Legal crack is consistent with Libertariansim, legal abortion is not.

We can say this because Libertarianism is a political philosophy with a qualitative, objective baseline against which you can measure things.  The GOP has no such baseline.  The DFL does, but where Libertarianism holds personal property to be the baseline, the DFL holds the acquisition of power by an elite to be the baseline.

Personally, I can only see two possible systems of government that are consistent with Biblical principles.  You can either go all the way and model your laws after the laws of the one God-instituted political organization, ancient Israel, or you can go all the other way and grant each man as much freedom as possible.  You can either be a Theonomist or a Libertarian.  In order to be logically consistent, we must either stone adulterers and homosexuals, or else legalize crack.

Now, most Americans are trying to balance on a fence between these two things, picking and choosing where we are going to follow Theonomist thought, and where Libertarian, but with no guidline as to how to make the decision other than personal taste.  I am sympathetic to the operation because I see much good in both systems.

But my understanding of politics is this:  the DFL is attempting to ride the mob to power.  The GOP is attempting to ride the fence-sitters to power.  Neither party has any intention of actually giving their supporters what they want unless doing so will give them more power.


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