Sadly, my donkey is not so evil.

Spent about half an hour practicing footwork and palm-strikes and elbows on the heavy bag.  I would say I’m rusty, but Rusty has roughly the shape and the force of a steel girder.  I’m a little faster and a lot weaker.

The physical exercise killed me super-fast, but the combination of moving and sunshine has me revved to code.  Going to put in another 20 minutes to a half hour on the Total Gym later today.

From what I’ve read, the latest evidence is that mixing it up on a regular basis is a good way to work out.  If your body doesn’t know what the heck its crazy spirit is going to put it through next, I am led to understand it starts being a little more comprehensive in laying down muscle, a little more flexible, a little more general purpose, and more quick-burning than long-term types of fat.  Tomorrow I’m going to try sprints, and practicing slower kung fu (my waterbending form, perhaps), and Friday go a little more crazy with the lifting.

Sunlight and exercise are a programmer’s hated friend and ally.  Andre Lamothe, who wrote Windows Game Programming for Dummies years and years ago is a ripped weightlifter.  The guy who wrote my C# book programs in between marathons and wilderness expeditions.  And, of course, Derek Yu points out that one of the contributing factors to not finishing games is not taking care of yourself.

Anyway, my ninja skills were less good than I remember.  My goal there is to find time and skill to spar with Greg and my pet Celt on a regular basis.  For fun.  ‘Cause during the camping trip, sparring was fun.  I also got some strength and endurance going during the camping trip because I was carrying my polypropelene sword the entire time and I paused to do pell work on almost every tree I passed.

Too bad that summer in Minnesota is more an afterthought than a reality.


One thought on “Sadly, my donkey is not so evil.

  1. The Stranger says:

    Also sad that everyone who spars with me has legs and/or arms a mile long.

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