The Orthodox Church of America weighs in on Evolution:

Orthodoxy is not literalist in its understanding of the accounts of creation in Genesis, and I have encountered writings by Orthodox Christians which attempt to balance the creation accounts with a certain ongoing—evolutionary, if you will—process which, on the one hand, affirms that while humans may have evolved physically under the direction and guidance and plan of the Creator, their souls could not have evolved any more than the powers of reasoning, speaking, or the ability to act creatively could have simply evolved. In such a scenario the Creator intervened by breathing His Spirit into man and giving him life, as stated in Genesis. Such thinking, however, while admitting the possibility that the Creator guided a process of physical evolution, is not identical with the theories of Charles Darwin, which in my limited understanding implies that man’s soul also evolved and denies the active participation on the part of the Creator.

… Orthodoxy has no problem with evolution as a scientific theory, only with evolution—as some people may view it—eliminating the need for God as Creator of All.

The person who writes this admits that he is not well educated either on the controversy or the arguments pro and con, which saddens me:  one should, for the official website of a national branch of a church, be able to dig up a specialist.

The page also trots out the “evolution is just a theory” trope that misunderstands scientific jargon (‘theory’ is science-ese for ‘fact.’  The science-ese word for what most folks call a theory is ‘hypothesis’.)

I find this statement (the whole statement, not just my quoted bit) to be sad on other levels too.  With each additional article I read, the authority of Scripture seems to diminish as a foundation of the Orthodox church.  It is possible that the OCA website merely chose the wrong spokesman, but the jury is looking increasingly hostile toward the defendant.


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