The Sound of Crying Blood


Pastor had a message that related to the topic of abortion.  He confessed beforehand that he was rather nervous bringing up such a hot-button topic.


Pastor got a lecture from one of the ladies about how abortion is a tragedy, but she (and presumably right-thinking people like her) would never criticize anyone who made that difficult choice.


I go to Lutheran Churches because I think the theology is right.  I think that’s what the Bible actually teaches.

But at a Lutheran Church, you cannot call good good and evil evil without fear.  And without your fear being justified by someone trying to shame you.

Abortion is not complicated.  It is the taking a human life that has done nothing to justify execution at human hands.  It is murdering a defenseless baby.  In ‘hard’ cases like rape, abortion is still murdering a baby.

The only case where abortion is justified is when it is a choice between killing the child to save the mother, or not killing the child, thereby dooming both child and mother to death, like an ectopic pregnancy.

The only case where abortion could be considered a complicated and thorny issue is when it is a choice between kill the baby to save the mother, or kill the mother to save the baby.

In all other cases, it is not complicated.  We call it complicated when rape, or incest, or any one of a dozen other matters come into play because Satan is using the suffering of a handful of victims to shame us away from fighting for millions of other victims.  Because in America, we are Feminists first, and Christians second, and even if we are conservative anti-abortion feminists, we must play by the feminist rule of ‘worship women’.

We have killed nearly ten times as many innocents as the Nazis ever did, and unlike the Nazis, none of our victims were ever able to fight back.


I love America, but it deserves to die in blood and fire.  I hope instead that we transform into a nation that looks on the last forty years with unveiled disgust.  But there it is.  Right now, we are worse than Nazi Germany.

And people fear to speak out against it in church.

The only churches I’ve encountered that aren’t immersed in the culture like this are the ones who are so anti-cultural as to be Pharisaical.  The ones where it is taught that wearing pants is a sin for women, and so forth.

E os’sveta oséngutqo.  I malno té Thlaro thé kí.



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