This is some bullshit

The title of this post is (c) the Sword of Fighting.

Some enthusiastic young folks were by just now to explain to me how evil an upcoming voter ID amendment would be.  I accepted their documents, thanked them, and, not being sufficiently informed, went online to check it out.  I Googled “minnesota voter restriction amendment text”, and right up top, two sites popped up, one for, one against.  No sites, from what I could see on Google, provided the text of the amendment itself, which was what I had wanted.  So I figured, let’s check out the sites and see what the arguments are from the mouths of the arguers.

The pro-ID law site actually had a copy of the amendment text.  The anti-Id law site did not.  The pro had a discussion of opposing arguments.  The anti did not.

The literature I received from the antis was branded by the ACLU, and contained no statements of fact (true or false), but merely vague accusations of “mean-spirited”ness.

I had heard, from those on the right, that the ACLU is evil incarnate, but having never had personal experience with them, I reserved judgement.  Judgement is now passed:  they have proven unwilling to bear to have light shone upon their arguments.  They have proven unwilling to engage in debate.  Their reputation as a pack of bullies and frauds is verified.

I haven’t fully considered the amendment yet, but I half-intend to vote Yes just to spite the gits.


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