Yay.  Obama won.

I was predicting a Romney win, so that shows you what I know about politics and people.

The Star Tribune is replete with images of triumphant people over the defeat of the Voter ID amendment and the marriage amendment.  (Now I want a test case of a non-liberal thingumajig winning, to see whether the photos show the triumphant winners or the bummed losers).

Some thoughts:

1) My vote actually had pretty much no chance of doing everything.  Minnesota has the highest rate of voter fraud in the country (which makes voting on an amendment for voter ID kind of ironic.  Like letting the wolves vote for whether sheep get rights…)

2) My pet felon, who is unable to vote (because he’s a felon) mobilized and affected at least three votes that I know of.  Probably more.  Conclusion:  my pet felon’s non-existent vote carried more weight than my existing one.

Practical Extrapolation:  if you want your vote to matter, move to a swing state.  Otherwise, the best thing you can do is convince large numbers of other people to change from one position to another.

As soon as I figure out how to do that, I’m moving to Japan and turning it into a Christian nation as a great big “F-You” to Miyamoto Musashi.


Actually, my pet felon’s disproportionate influence suggests a real answer:  make lots of friends, then be an example.

I miss the days when logic and consideration of evidence were a significant portion of the standard decision-making process.


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