I’m way behind.  If I’m gonna win this, my current setup is not going to cut it.  I need to revise my system in light of several realities:

  1. On those days when I work late as opposed to early, as I cannot control when I get home, I cannot control whether I will be going to bed an hour and a half late (as scheduled) or three or four hours late (which alters the waking hours).
  2. It may be that if I am going to tithe my creative efforts as well as my money, I will have to do it in blocks of total dedication — e.g. do an episode of Belfry with all my creative time, then spend all my creative time on my next project — in order to maintain focus and momentum.  The first time my momentum died was the first Monday, when I took an hour to work on Belfry.  Hm.

Anyway, we’ll see.  Nano is my tool for working the bugs out of my work-at-home system, but I still aim to win it.


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