Bill Nye

Bill Nye made this video talking about how horrible it is that people teach their kids to deny evolution.  CMI responded with this video, which I am about to watch, but I couldn’t help noticing the first bit in Bill Nye’s went like this:

1) America is the leader in scientific discovery and technology and always has been (though Japan is catching up).

2) There’s this huge segment of this country’s population that denies evolution.

3) Denying evolution holds back scientific and technological progress.

Ergo:  America’s progress is held back.

Which is a bit like saying the first-place winner in a marathon would be even firster placier if he trained in the same manner as the runner in last place.  It isn’t logically impossible, but it is a little ridiculous.

Edit:  The CMI video responds by being more factually crunchy than Nye’s appeal to emotion.  Still light stuff, but you can’t actually get into the heavy-hitting stuff in three minutes.

I like how the dudes in the comments, instead of, say, picking a point from the video to critique simply say “You just don’t understand evolution.”

News flash:  Most of the writers at CMI hold a masters or doctorate in one science or another from some secular university (since they are Australia based, Sidney is a common one).

As far as I know, you cannot even get a bachelors in science from a secular university without convincing a professor or three that you really do understand evolution.