Strange things be goin’ on…

Some of my views have changed rather radically rather recently.

Others have simply forced themselves to be acknowledged despite my protests.

Don’t expect my posts to all agree with each other.  People change.  Even aliens.

Also, I intend to use this more like a proper blog, including updates on life and business from now on.  And I’m no longer anywhere near as gloomy and depressive as I was when I started it.

Also, I am kind of phasing out of Facebook and returning to the blog as my social medium of choice.  FB blurbs are too small for my tastes.  So, this is now MeBook.

So, off we go.


The Monkey Escapes

Musings of the Logic Monkey has been removed as a category.  It was designed to designate particularly logic-inclined bits of writing, but all my writing is about as logical or illogical as the rest.  The replacement category, The Logic Monkey’s Song and Dance Club, shall be used for Pascal’s Penses-style short thoughts.  Oh, and I refuse to make sure I spelled that right, as my roommate may be reading this.

In celebration, three entries.

How to use this site…

1. The categories are your friend.  This is not an update on my life, but a collection of my musings.

2. Always click the comments.  I tend to put things into extreme terms to make them memorable and interesting.  Caveats, references (when I feel like making them) and things I need to say that would have diluted the message will end up in the comments.

What is this?

This is a blog for my rants. Often unresearched. Often with questionable sources.

I will make claims about truth and reality. Claims that could affect, could shake, the foundations of your life, if true.


Look it up.
Think it through.
Don’t leave matters of great importance to your moods or opinions.

Or even my moods or opinions.

And that’s all. Thanks.